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The Board of Trustees sets policy, and manages and controls the property for the Rye Free Reading Room, a not-for-profit 501(c)(3).

ART EXHIBITION POLICY – setting up a gallery show

CARDHOLDER AND REGISTRATION POLICIES – getting a library card, length of check out, renewals, fines, and fees

CHILDREN’S ROOM POLICY – ensuring young Rye residents have a safe space to read and thrive

CODE OF CONDUCT – providing a safe, pleasant atmosphere for all who use the library

COLLECTION DEVELOPMENT POLICY – what gets added to the library shelves,  and how it is maintained

DISPLAY AND DISTRIBUTION SPACE POLICY – how the library supports community information

INTERNET USE POLICY – information on how the Internet is and is not part of library resources

NOTARY POLICY  – providing some limited authentication services

PATRON COMPLAINT FORM – feedback on issues and services at the library

PUBLIC USE OF LIBRARY FACILITIES – including meeting room rentals and programs

SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY – interacting with the library online

TEEN ROOM POLICY – ensuring adolescents in Rye have a safe space to read and thrive

VIDEO RELEASE FORM – using photos and other media to promote the library activities

VIDEO SURVEILLANCE POLICY – guiding the use of digital footage in safeguarding library users

The Board of Trustees periodically reviews these policies. For more information, contact the Director.