Seed Library


Check out a piece of library history with the Rye Free Reading Room Seed Library.

In one of the historic library card catalogs, you'll find drawers of seeds for heirloom and organic herbs, greens, and vegetables to borrow and plant. Sow your garden and enjoy the harvest. Once the growing season is done, attend one of our seed saving workshops,  and bring back the collected seeds to the library to replenish our stock for the following year.

Grow your mind and your garden at the Rye Free Reading Room!


Here's the basics:

  1. Select a few seed packets and take them home to sprout
  2. Grow greens, herbs, and veggies all summer long
  3. Harvest the seeds in the fall and bring them back to the library
  4. Select new seeds next spring and start all over again


We have the following seeds: (also available as a PDF)


Blue Beech Tomato

Cosmonaut Volkov Tomato

Puebla Verde Tomatillo



Bok Choy

Dino Kale

Frisee Endive




Mizuna Red Streaks Mustard

Parris Island Cos Lettuce

Rainbow Lacinato Kale

Red Russian Kale

Tokyo Bekana



Basil: Cinnamon

Basil : Genovese



Parsley: Forest Green


Benning's Green Tint Patty Pan Squash

Black Forest Kabocha Squash

Blue Hubbard Squash



Anaheim Hot Pepper

Apple Green Eggplant

Atomic Red Carrot

Blacktail Mountain Watermelon

Cape Cod Rutabaga

Chioggia Guardsmark Improved Beets

Cherry Belle Radish

Japonica Striped Corn

Peppermint Stick Celery

Purple Savoy Cabbage

Purple Peacock Broccoli

Tall Telephone Shelling Pea



Boothby's Blonde Cucumber

Ukrainian Slicing Cucumber



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