Loan periods and late fees for items borrowed from the library.
Material Loan period Fine Rate Maximum Fine
Express Books* 2 Weeks $.50/day $10.00
Express Audiobooks* 3 Weeks $1/day $10.00
New Adult Books 2 weeks $.25/day $10.00
Adult & Teen Books 3 Weeks $.25/day $10.00
Adult & Teen Audiobooks 3 weeks $.50/day $10.00
Adult & Teen Board Games 1 week $1/day $10.00
Adult & Teen MP3 Players 3 weeks $.50/day $10.00
Adult & Teen Magazines* 1 week $.25/day $10.00
Adult & Teen CDs 3 weeks $.25/day $10.00
Adult & Teen DVDs (Movies) 1 Week $1/day $10.00
Adult & Teen DVDs (TV Series) 2 Weeks $1/day $10.00
Hot Spots 1 week $1/day $10.00
Museum Passes 3 Days $10/day No Max
Children's Books 3 Weeks $.10/day $5.00
Children's Audiobooks 3 weeks $.25/day $10.00
Children's MP3 Players 3 weeks $.25/day $10.00
Children's Magazines* 1 week $.05/day $5.00
Children's CDs 3 weeks $.10/day $5.00
Children's DVDs 1 Week $1/day $10.00
Children's Holiday Books* 2 Weeks $.10/Day $5.00
Children's Kits 3 Week $.10/day $5.00
Children's Playaway View 2 Week $2/day $25.00
Children's Playaway Tablet 2 Week $2/day $25.00
Children's Summer Readings* 2 Weeks $.50/Day $10.00
Children's Wonderbooks 2 Weeks $.25/Day $10.00


Loan periods and late fees approved by the Rye Free Reading Room Board of Trustees, July 28, 2015

Most materials can be renewed once through the WLS Catalog or by calling the 24/7 automated phone service at 914-674-4169 or the circulation desk at 914-967-0480.

*Express materials, magazines and those materials with a hold may not be renewed.

Please feel free to e-mail us at or call us at 914-967-0480.


Items which are not returned after 60 days past due are considered lost.

Items which are checked-out and not returned within 60 days of the date due are considered lost and a bill is automatically recorded in the patron’s account.  Lost items are assessed at their current, full retail replacement costs. If the lost item is returned to the library within six (6) months then a refund of the replacement cost will be made upon presentation of a receipt. The Library does not accept replacement materials in lieu of lost items.

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