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The What, Where and How of Doctor Who

The What, Where And How Of Doctor Who
Tuesday July 8th @ 6:30 PM. A fast-paced, multimedia program celebrating the Silver Anniversary of the TV series Doctor Who, covering 50 years in 100 minutes!

Since first hitting TV screens in the Fall of 1963, Doctor Who has become a worldwide phenomenon and is now the most popular Sci-Fi TV series currently airing in America. Millions of fans of all ages, from tweens to seniors, tune in each week to enjoy the Doctor’s latest exploits as he travels through time and space in a police phone booth (A.K.A., the TARDIS), meets strange aliens and saves the universe with verve, nerve and know-how.

Designed for both new and avid fans alike, the program uses video and PowerPoint to explore the show’s colorful on-screen and behind-the-scenes histories, profile all 12 Doctors, highlight their most important episodes and much more. Presented by Clive Young

Event Location: Community Meeting Room
Sponsored by Auxiliary Board of the Rye Free Reading Room