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Jerusalem Throne Games: Bible Story Battles

Meet Peter Feinman, author of Jerusalem Throne Games: Bible Story Battles after the Death of David

(Photo: Jerusalem as David found it)

Feinman’s new book explores the political battle for power to succeed David expressed through selected stories from the beginning of the Book of Genesis. In these confrontations, combatants wielded a new weapon of war that was changing the course of human history, the alphabet prose narrative. With this weapon, competing factions battled for throne not with the blog, the op ed, the tweet or the essay, but through storytelling. In this book six of those stories from Gen. 4–11 are analyzed through the lens of the succession of Solomon and the collapse of his kingdom. These stories are identified as “son” stories or supplements to the existing alphabet narrative from the time of David. They were written by the various factions or priesthoods vying for power and are political in nature.

Peter Feinman is the founder and president of the Institute of History, Archaeology, and Education, a nonprofit organization which provides enrichment programs for schools, professional development program for teachers, and public programs. His research interests cross disciplinary boundaries including American history, ancient civilizations, biblical history, and New York history.

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