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Current Events Book Group- Dictator’s Learning Curve

Each month we will choose books that cover diverse opinions about events occurring in the world—economic, political, social and international and enjoy the discussion that ensues. John Dolan of Greenwich Connecticut has been leading book discussion groups like this one for several years and has graciously agreed to lead ours. We know the conversation will be lively and edifying.

Review for The Dictator’s Learning Curve by William J. Dobson

“Intelligent and absorbing…Dobson has interviewed more than 200 people, and his closely observed accounts of dictators’ increasingly sly methods to control their populations are haunting….The Dictator’s Learning Curve is agile and light on its feet, but among its salient points is that pro-democracy movements need to be more than that. Happy thoughts and hippie clothes are not enough….Mr. Dobson’s book, with luck, will find its way into the hands of people who aspire to be free. They’ll find optimism here, but hard realities as well.”

—Dwight Garner, The New York Times

Event Location: Ogden Nash Room
Sponsored by Rye Free Reading Room