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Concert – International String Trio

Cinematic Journey, Intimate Soundtracks: International String Trio Uncovers New Beauty In Familiar Tunes on Movie Night

The three top-caliber players of the International String Trio weave together vivid scenes from great soundtrack moments, as well as diverse cultural influences, on Movie Night(release: November 13, 2012). Hailing from three different corners of the world, but sharing a rigorous training experience at Berklee College of Music, the Trio spans jazz, world, and classical sounds with an easy-going finesse that gives even simple pop melodies great depth and lyricism.

Founded by Russian-born guitarist and arranger Slava Tolstoy, with Japanese upright bassist Ippei Ichimaru and English violinist Ben Powell, the trio has quickly won over audiences with its tight, energetic interpretations of everything from favorite folk melodies to Django Reinhardt numbers to classical string pieces by revered composers.

“It’s a rarity for three musicians from three such contrasting countries as Russia, Japan, and England to meet and form an ensemble in such an organic way” notes Powell. “It’s our varied cultural backgrounds that serve as the catalyst for our creativity as a trio.”

“We pride ourselves on our ability to move fluidly between musical styles and we believe that this is what gives our ensemble its unique edge” explains Tolstoy “Going from a beautifully notated classical piece, to a tango, to a jazz standard, to an Irish jig and back is extremely challenging, but it is this very challenge that excites us”.

This elegant versatility resounds on Movie Night, which leaps nimbly from Shostakovich to the merry theme from Forrest Gump. It finds new musical tales in old chestnuts—including an elegant gypsy jazz take on “Singin’ in the Rain”—and shows how a group of skilled musicians can uncover the unexpected, lush beauty in familiar tunes.

Album release celebration: November 13, 2012 at 8 PM at Scullers Jazz Club, Boston. For more information, call 617-562-4111.

Event Location: Community Meeting Room
Sponsored by Rye Free Reading Room