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College Admissions Process with Geoff Stearns

For parents and future college students.

Geoffrey Stearns, will be presenting a talk to help parents and future college students on the myriad issues surrounding the process of attending college.

Topics to be discussed include the following along with a Q&A session: trends in college admission—what classes to take in high school—the timeline—personal statement essays—differences in the various standardized tests—time management—differences between merit scholarships, financial aid and athletic scholarships—college interviews.

Geoff Stearns works primarily with students seeking college admission or placement for a post-graduate (PG) year. After graduating from Harvard in 1982, he pursued a career in finance while advising students on the college admissions process. Geoff has extensive experience advising high school athletes about the recruiting process in multiple sports including lacrosse, soccer, football, baseball, crew and track, to name a few. Geoff travels extensively throughout the US, visiting colleges and meeting with coaches andcollege counselors. Geoff worked for Dunbar Educational Consultants prior to joining Educational Futures as a partner in 2012.

Event Location: Community Meeting Room
Sponsored by Rye Free Reading Room