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Find helpful information for job seekers, employees, and employers. You can also book an appointment with a librarian if you need help navigating the resources.

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  • Adapt your business and plan for your reopening with resources from SCORE.


Resources to help you if you’ve become unemployed

  • To file for Unemployment in NYS click here.
  • If you need temporary assistance: 
    • Visit the Westchester County Temporary Assistance Programs’ website
    • Call United Way’s Helpline at 211 or visit the website
    • For food assistance, visit:
  • Scroll to the Job Search section for more information on finding employment

Job Search

Resources to help you find employment or start a new career

  • For resources and live help with resumes, cover letters, finding a job, applying for a job online, and interview prep, grab your library card and visit
  • For career help, visit the Westchester-Putnam One-Stop Career Center’s website
  • To search for jobs in NYS, visit Jobs Express

Help for Businesses

Resources to help businesses find help and employees

  • For more information on COVID-19 relief, visit the U.S. Small Business Administration’s website
  • Westchester SCORE offers mentoring and more for small businesses, visit their website for more information
  • For help finding employees, visit the Westchester-Putnam One-Stop Career Center’s website
  • To post on job on NYS Jobs Express, visit the website  

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