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Lego Robotics for Tweens

Saturday, March 21st @ 2PM

ego Mindstorm is for tweens to learn how to build and program robots of varying degrees of difficulty. Students will be provided with a kit, and download pre-programmed sequences to help them begin to see the possibilities of their robot and then modify the program using their own ideas to make the robot perform additional maneuvers using the NXT brick, an autonomous LEGO microprocessor that can be programmed with/without using a computer. Once the students have designed their own programs, they are able to download it to the NXT Intelligent Brick. The program is sent from their laptop to the NXT using a USB cable. The NXZT then executes the code that it receives from their computer.


Registration for this class is strictly limited and age appropriate for tweens.


Phone 231-3172


Event Location: Community Meeting Room
Sponsored by Auxiliary Board of the Rye Free Reading Room